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green peas rice dish plate fork knife table cloth stripes colors rainbow minced meat lebanese lunch home cooked cooking food foodie meal pois vert riz plat assiette fourchette couteau rayures couleurs arc-en-ciel viande haché libanais déjeuner maison cuisiné cuisine cuisiner nourriture gourmand repas bazela top view بازلا خضراء أرز طبق شوكة سكين مائدة قماش ألوان صحتين قوس لحم مفروم لبناني يخنة غداء منزل طبخ طعام وجبة لبنان

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Youssef Nader
Youssef Nader
Youssef Nader
Youssef Nader

Carine Howayek

Carine is a Lebanese photographer that works in film production. Carine travels a lot and films around the Arab world. And every time she travels, she shoots the city she visits on her iPhone. Carine focuses on capturing the real face of the city and people. Her pictures are real, genuine and true.

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Youssef Nader


Beirut is the capital of Lebanon. Its location at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Basin and the Arabian hinterland has contributed to its rich history and shaped a cultural identity of religious diversity. Lebanon is home to roughly 6 million people and covers an area of 10,452 square kilometres, making it one of the smallest countries in the world. Beirut is home to many artistic and creative people.

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